Often, after life events or turning points in our career, we are faced with questions and choices. Our circle of family and friends can lend a listening ear and provide helpful solutions. Sometimes our circle is not enough to work through these topics. A coaching programme can help. An impartial professional coach is someone in the field who has facilitated others with their questions and can guide and reflect. Helping  gain a new perspective to make new choices and take new actions. 


The topics I work with my clients are extremely varied. I have worked with clients who describe themselves or have been diagnosed as non-neuro typical (autism spectrum and ad(h)d). Clients in the corporate environment who want more visibility and to express more assertiveness. Clients who want to re-visit past (work)

scenarios where they have faced  toxicity, to move forward.  I have also facilitated clients for more practical topics such as train-the-trainer programmes and presentation techniques for their upcoming (media) presentations. 


I am committed to helping my clients to arrive at fresh insights for new decisions and actions. For this I use the Systemic Work methodology. The Art of Hosting methodologies and

Transactional Analysis.