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Conflict resolution

After a major event, speaking to one another may not be self-evident. It can be helpful for  processing the situation if a professional creates a safe environment and facilitates the conversation. Incidents and conflicts are  emotional and chaotic. The impartial professional in conflict resolution provides safety with structure and rules  allowing the matter  to be discussed and emotions expressed. Conflict resolution can  provide the opportunity for the matter to take a completely different turn, helping both parties towards closure. 

I am Nadia MacArthur and passionate about giving clients a different perspective on their issues and conflicts. My passion extends to training and coaching. I stand beside my clients, they are in the lead. I offer a different perspective with guided conversations and working methods. Safety and confidentiality are paramount.

I have gained my work experience in social work, youth work and in the business community in, among other disciplines, ICT and banking as a communication professional in transitions. I am a certified Social Pedagogical Worker. I have a master's degree in Communication Science and am training to become an MFN registered mediator at the School voor Mediation.

I use Dynamic Judgment Formation in my training courses and coaching. I am registered with Stichting Dialoog. The Foundation is the platform for Dynamic Judgment Formation and the users of the methodology to guarantee the quality surrounding its use.

I am bilingual Dutch and English. I facilitate in conflict, design training- and  coaching programmes in both languages.


Clear agreements

We do not continue with a process longer than necessary. With aligned agreements, it is clear in advance what your investments will be in terms of time and costs.

Conflict resolution

Conflicts, sooner or later we have to deal with them. When a conflict has escalated a professional in conflict resolution can help. 

In conflict resolution both parties come together in a safe environment to arrive at a solution through conversations and negotiations. 

In company training

Organisation leaders often have a good idea of the developmental needs in their organization. I work with organizations who are in search of training-programmes catered to their specific requirements as apposed to off the shelf solutions. 

Personal coaching

After life events or turning points in our career, we can be faced with questions and decions. Our circle of family and friends can lend a listening ear and provide helpful solutions. Sometimes our circle is not enough to work through these topics. A coaching programme can help.



Work and 


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